Learner Survey

Each year our learners are invited to take part in a national learner satisfaction survey. It gives an opportunity for existing learners to rate their learning or training. This data is collected and published nationally and provides impartial information about how well learning providers perform so that learners and other organisations can compare the performance of one organisation with another. This will help make choices about where to learn or train in the future.

This information also helps us to set and monitor our progress and compare our performance with other learning providers.

If you are currently learning with us you may be asked to participate during the current academic year 2015/16.The survey is very short, taking only a few minutes to complete and it is usually carried out online.

You will be asked for our learner provider number - this will be given to you by your tutor. You will also be asked for your personal learner number (Unique Learner Number - ULN) to access the survey. This will be given to you by your tutor, or you can find out by clicking on the ULN link in the Help menu at the top of the screen. You will then be directed to one of the following surveys below (depending on your type of course):

FE Choices Survey or Community Learning Survey

For further information about the learner satisfaction survey and to look at data to compare different learning providers please look at FE choices data on Data.Gov.UK and the National Careers Service website.

Last modified: Wednesday, 3 February 2016, 3:43 PM